imperson's Conversational Bots converse in natural language tailored to your brand’s authentic voice, creating connections that translate to relationships.

Finally! It’s so great to hear from someone.
I’ve been marooned here for 65 million years

Life is too short to wear sleeves.
Remember that next time you buy a shirt

Let’s see if you have the detective skills
to crack a case wide open.
Are you ready?

You know, the single life is not all bon bons and champagne.
Though there’s lots of that, too

I need caffeine!
Do people still drink coffee in your 2015?

Conversational Bots

Let Conversational Bots play an active part in your consumers’ daily communications, adding touch-points that increase engagement.

impersons’ premium bots promote, qualify, and sell products and services through one-on-one conversations.
  • Promote
  • Qualify
  • Sell

Our Offering

Brand voice and Personality

Every brand has a unique voice and a personality. Our creative content team will ensure your Chatbot speaks in your brand’s voice and creates an authentic experience.

Intelligent Conversational Technology

Our conversation navigator analyzes and determines how to lead the conversation based on deep dialog context, NLP user intents, and relationship memory. The AI moderator constantly learns and strive for the best flow to achieve customers’ goals.

Authoring and Analytical Tools

Our powerful and creative-friendly conversation authoring environment requires no programming skills.
The analytics dashboard provides real-time, actionable insights to maximize performance.

End-to-end cloud deployment for seamless integration with Messaging platforms

Success Stories

Our Conversational Bots are unmatched at providing
an authentic and engaging customer chat experience.
Our latest campaign reached these great metrics:


Avr. Conversation Length


Turns Per Conversation






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Who We Are

Here at imperson, we aim to bridge the gap between man and machine,
to create natural connections between language and technology.
We gathered a multi-disciplinary team of experts in technology, digital media, storytelling and dialog,
and integrated cutting-edge technologies to create conversational bots powered by personality & technology to allow brands to build personal, authentic relationships with their customers.

Erez Baum


Eyal Pfeifel


Seth Greenfield

Chief Content Officer

Yaki Dunietz