Brand-to-one Engagement

Let Chat Personas play an active part in your consumers’ daily communications, adding touchpoints that increase engagement.

impersons’ premium bots promote, qualify, and sell products and services through one-on-one conversations.

Motivates longer and recurring connections, scalable, yet unique and personalized with every conversation.

Transmedia Storytelling

Immerse the audience in the story using the power of conversation,
have a direct dialog with diverse characters from the big screen.
imperson enables bi-directional conversation, allowing characters to share experiences, promotions and emotions with their audience. The fan can reciprocate with their own opinions and reactions.

case studies

A New and Innovative Movie Release Campaign
 Using imperson’s Conversational Character
Creating an Immersive Brand Experience Through Messaging for Die Hard Fans

what we do


State-of-the-art conversation technology

A smart conversational navigator dynamically shapes every conversation based on user sentiment and intent, together with brands pre-defined marketing goals. Our conversational
engine is designed to enable writing engaging conversational content using
friendly authoring tools. 


Authentic Chat Personas development

Our creative team develops a unique Chat Persona that is an authentic representation of the brand voice. Creating a Chat Persona includes personality profile and unique dialog style with supervised learning and feedback. Dynamic scripting for distinct target audiences, based on demographics and marketing goals.


Campaign management and monitoring

Analytics dashboard to analyze and optimize campaigns, integration with existing platforms, real time conversation adaptations, tracking and measuring
effectiveness based on pre-defined goals.


Multi-channel user experience delivery

Users enjoy a natural conversation with a realistic character voice and avatar, accessible through chat or speech interface. Fuse personal conversation with social networks, share and connect with fan community for a complete real-world experience.



Meet our new intern! He's so excited to be working at imperson that he can't stop talking about it... In fact, he's made it his mission to chat with people 24/7.

about our company

imperson was founded by hi-tech entrepreneurs who are passionate about bridging the gap between machine and humans and turning dreams into reality.  We gathered a multi-disciplinary team of experts in technology, digital media, storytelling and dialog, and integrated cutting-edge technologies to create connections that translate into relationships.

Avital Rabani

Director of Marketing

Yoni Sallmander

Interactive Scriptwriter

Jason Gilbert

Interactive Scriptwriter

Naomi Radinsky

Interactive Scriptwriter

Sal Sayles

Interactive Scriptwriter

Eytan Weinstein

Interactive Scriptwriter

Assaf Talmudi

Creative Producer

Daniel Aviv

Software Engineer

Chen Buskilla

Machine Learning

Michael Urinovsky

Software Engineer

Audrey Wu

Director LA Studio


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