Finally! It’s so great to hear from someone.
I’ve been marooned here for 65 million years

Life is too short to wear sleeves.
Remember that next time you buy a shirt

Let’s see if you have the detective skills
to crack a case wide open.
Are you ready?

You know, the single life is not all bon bons and champagne.
Though there’s lots of that, too

I need caffeine!
Do people still drink coffee in your 2015?

We build and host chatbots that converse in natural language and can be tailored to every brand’s and character’s authentic voice.


Alpha 5 – Lionsgate

Power Rangers’ Alpha 5 was designed to promote the new movie. The chatbot was created with 3 phases: intro, training to be Rangers, and pushing for ticket sales. This was the first chatbot ever to be launched on 4 messaging platforms.
Alpha 5 – Lionsgate

Judy Hopps – Disney

For the home release of Zootopia, a chatbot of Officer Judy Hopps sought out the public to solve the hottest new cases from the Zootopia Police Department. Fans were able to chat and follow a series of clues to help solve four different cases.
Judy Hopps – Disney

Miss Piggy – Disney

The primary challenge of creating a Miss Piggy chatbot was to make the user experience entertaining and completely authentic, while employing the real style and tone of the Diva. Miss Piggy was one of the first bots fully integrated on Facebook Messenger before F8 in 2016
Miss Piggy – Disney

Doc Brown – Universal

Doc Brown chatbot was created as part of the promotion for the re-release of the Back to the Future trilogy. The chatbot was designed to drive traffic to a branded website where visitors could learn more about the series, and purchase the re-released DVD trilogy set.
Doc Brown – Universal

Xander Cage – Paramount

The Xander Cage bot was built to promote the upcoming release of "XxX3: The Return of Xander Cage”. The chatbot shared a daily inspirational quote “xXxTREME WISDOM” from Xander Cage on Facebook Messenger.
Xander Cage – Paramount

Laura Barnes – Universal

Laura Barnes chatbot was created to attract and retain the young target audience of the movie Unfriended and to drive ticket sales. The chatbot was designed to extend the experience of the movie, specifically its horror qualities, and the use of social media and chats, as featured in the film.
Laura Barnes – Universal

Artie – imperson

Artie, the intern was developed to demonstrate a great conversational user experience. What he lacks in professional experience he makes up for with his easy-going nature and charm. Following Artie chat experiences, we also created Amazon Echo skills (voice), Artie’s Microwave Time Machine, and Artie’s Memory Game.
Artie – imperson

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Our Conversational Bots are unmatched at providing
an authentic and engaging customer chat experience.
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Our Offering

Creative Studio

Our creative team will guide you from setting up the chatbot goals to defining the right voice and personality. The content team will ensure your chatbot speaks in your brand’s voice and creates an authentic experience.

Intelligent Conversational Technology

Our conversation navigator analyzes and determines how to lead the conversation based on deep dialog context, NLP user intents, and relationship memory. The AI moderator constantly learns and strives for the best flow to achieve customers’ goals.

Hosting & Analytics

We deploy and host your bot, and provide an advanced analytics dashboard including real-time, actionable insights to maximize performance. We keep monitoring performance and customizing the experience based on user behavior.

End-to-end cloud deployment for seamless integration with Messaging platforms

In The Press...

“The experience the user is getting feels like an actual conversation with a person from the movie. The bots are able to sustain conversations up to about a half-hour long, speaking with the voice and style of the fictional character.” Business Insider
"When Lionsgate decided it wanted to create a chatbot in the persona of a “Power Rangers” character to promote the movie, the studio also decided that it didn’t want people to feel that talking to the bot was like filling out a multiple-choice questionnaire. So Lionsgate worked with imperson, a technology company that offers tools to help bot makers script their chats." Marketing Land
Evan Fisk, Lionsgate VP of Digital Marketing “We are very pleased with the engagement. The bot had hundreds of thousands of conversations, and users spent an average of five to seven minutes talking to Alpha 5" Forbes

Who We Are

We gathered a multi-disciplinary team of experts in technology, digital media, storytelling and dialog, and integrated cutting-edge technologies to create premium conversational bots that enable brands to build personal, authentic relationships with their customers one-on-one at scale.
Founded by tech entrepreneurs with over 16 years of experience in the field of conversational interfaces, and graduates of the Disney Accelerator/Techstars class of 2015, imperson is revolutionizing the way brands, publishers, and producers are marketing and engaging with customers.

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